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• Learn your way around the internet & email
• Set up your computer system or LAN/WAN network.
• Fix system configuration problems.
• Install new software & multimedia programs.
• Install or upgrade hardware, ie; modem, motherboard.
• Learn Windows and Office applications, etc.
• Learn to manage your file data base.
• Learn general computer interface tips, tricks & shortcuts.
• Web Design and Hosting. Custom Graphics & Animation.
• Networking & Search Engine Registration.
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Full Spectrum Computer Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all of our your computer needs! Our Friendly Technicians are ready assist you with a variety of services.tt
We have been assisting home-users and businesses alike for more than 11 years. Over time, our services have become as diverse as our loyal clients. And at Full Spectrum, no problem is too big or too small.
Whether you need a basic memory upgrade or a complete system overhaul, Full Spectrum can help. If your business need’s new equipment, Full Spectrum can help you select the right hardware to meet your needs. We can set up your wired or wireless network at your home or office, and then help synchronize your email to your wireless telephone. We can scan your computers and your network for harmful viruses and malware, then present suggestions to help keep your systems secure. We can replace the broken LCD screen on your laptop, or design and implement a complete website for your business. If it’s related to computers, Full Spectrum can help.